Thursday, January 21, 2010

So this is week 3 of my diet and so far I have lost 14 pounds. I am quite proud of myself. I haven't wrote in awhile, some things are going on right now in my life and I just haven't had tim to really update my progress. Things are going to be fine, just hit a rough spot and we are working on it. I dont want to go into detail because it's something that doesnt need to be public knowledge.
Anyways, I went to the nutrionist and got a diet plan and set goals and stuff, and also found out that I have post pardom depression. It's a mild case but it is affecting my life and my health. So an in home nurse came in and talked to me and things are much better after that. It really helped me to talk to someone who knows what I am feeling and what I am going through right now. The nutrionist also told me that I have some sort of eating disorder because I am always terrified to eat enough calories and when I am depressed I dont eat because it makes me sick, so my 14 pounds had a lot to do with me not eating for 2 days. I am back on the right track now though.
Today I am planning on doing yoga and cardio, and since its raining and stuff I am just going to stay in and work out since I dont really want to take the kids out in this since they are both starting to get sick. I will update soon!

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